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How to install?

1. Click "Add to your account" on the top right

2. Click Install

3. Click Use App

4. Select Board View->Workflow Configuration

5. Select your Workspace and Board that you want to configure the workflow app on

How to configure?

The Workflow App is configured in 4 main steps: Design, Configure Lock and Getting Started.


1. Design

1. Select the status column: Select a status column to build the Workflow - Go to -> Setting and select one of the status columns.

























2. Edit the labels of the status column









Edit the status columns labels, it is important to edit the Gray label.

3. In the Design tab, the board owner can build the Workflow. In order to design a Workflow, the board owner should do the following steps:
Building your workflow by drag and drop tool.
Draw lines - you can use several line types.







The design line is mainly used for loopbacks, to change from the default line to the design line just click the arrow.












2. Configuration

1. In the configuration tab, the board owner can define which columns will be required for each status change. After selecting the columns, the users should "Save" the configuration.

i.e. to change the status from New Project to Planning the users will have to fill the following columns: Name, Program, Start Date, PM and Email.








2. In the configuration tab, the board owner can assign permission for every status change, There are 3 options:
All Users - Every user who has access to the board can change status.
Based on Person Column (Column Based Permission) - only a user selected in a specific People column can change the status.
Custom Permissions (Personal Permission) - Only chosen people can change the status.

i.e while all users can change the status from New Project to Planning, only selected users in "PM" column can change the status from Planning to Execution and only "Guy Gavish" and "Natalie James" can change the status from Execution to Quality Control.



























3. Lock

Before launching the app to end board users, the board owner should restrict the status column for editing.
This would enforce the users to change the status and to fill in the required columns via the Workflow App.
That way, they cannot bypass the Workflow you defined using the app.














4. Getting Started

Last thing, before launching the app for the end board users, the board owner should enter the item view and add the Workflow App item view, also set the app as default view (Recommended)



selecting a status columns X1.5.gif
design - order your lables X2.5.gif
design - order your flow forward X2.gif
desgin - order your flow loop X2.5.gif
configure - set required columns X2.gif
lock status column X2.gif
download item view X1.5 gif.gif
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