How to install?

1. Click "Add to your account" on the top right

2. Click Install

3. Click Use App

4. Select Board View->Workflow Configuration

5. Select your Workspace and Board that you want to configure the workflow app on

How to configure?
Watch this short tutorial or read below:

Note: The board view will be used to configure your workflow steps and an item view for the end user to run through the workflow.

1. (Recommendation) Select the Status column you want to configure as your steps, add status labels that will represent the steps, and add *Restrict Edit for you only (only if you are one of the board owners/admins).

2. Go to the workflow configuration board view: +Add View -> More Views-> Scroll all the way down -> Workflow Configuration.

3. Click on the 'Settings' icon on the right, and verify that the Status column from step 1 is selected.

3. On your first board visit, you will be asked to authenticate with

4. After the authentication, you will be navigated to the 'Build & Order' tab, Add steps according in the order that you want your workflow

5. Navigate to the 'Configuration' tab, and choose the required columns and permissions for each step.

6. (Optional) Navigate to the Preview tab and see how your workflow looks like.

6. Navigate back to main table, Click on one of the items update section, then click +Add View-> Workflow

7. (Recommendation) Set the created item view as the default view (from the 3 dots on the right)

8. (Recommendation) Add notification automations on each step to enhance the workflow process.

* As you restrict the status for editing in step 1, no one but the authenticator will be able to change the status column from the board, only from the workflow item view and therefore will be forced to go through the workflow