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Your trusted consultant

Building your custom solutions on board to manage team tasks preferred partner certification

Who are we?

Spot-nik is a certified partner of, with vast experience in providing services around​

We offer tailored solutions for a variety of use cases such as marketing, project management, customer relationship management and more.

We are premium developers, with expertise in building custom apps.

Among our public applications: SuperFormSuperMailWorkflow, and Migrator.


Lenny Rajunov,
President, Crédito Real USA

״We had an excellent experience working with Spot-Nik. Guy and his team are extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. They are by far the best experts we have come across after many interviews״




Sounds interesting but not sure if it will fit your needs?
Just tell us what you're trying
to achieve, we'll show you if and how it can work for you. 


Know what you want
but not sure how to get there?
No worries, we got you covered.
Best tool in the world doesn't worth much, if it's not tailored to your specific needs


Onboarding your team
has never been easier.
We'll take you hand in hand and make sure your'e entire team is up and running within days/weeks.

Custom Apps

You like it but it's missing
that one functionality
to make it perfect.

No worries, everything is within your reach, our dedicated team will develop a custom solution just for you.
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