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A visual step-by-step workflow process with required columns and custom permissions in each step.

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How does it work?

Workflow has 3 major functionalities:





Structured Workflow - Set a mandatory order in the status column labels,


e.g: I want every sales opportunity to go through this process:

lead -> qualification -> closure (no way to skip qualification)


Required columns per each step, it will not let the user go to the next step without populating selected columns.


e.g you cannot finish the qualification stage without filling the timeline column

Permission settings to your process, allowing only permitted personnel to perform a specific step.


e.g only manager can approve a special discount






$55 per month
($540 annual payment)

2 Boards
6 workflow steps


5 Boards
10 workflow steps

10 Boards

15 workflow steps


$150 per month
($1800 annual payment)


$100 per month
($1020 annual payment)

Frequently asked questions

Can the plans be used by all the account users, or just for specific users?

The plans are based on the number of boards and steps that can be configured through the account, no matter how many users use it, or how many actions are performed.

Can I configure a workflow for multiple status columns for a specific board?

Yes. You can configure as much workflows as needed, one for each status column, for a specific board. The ‘Allowed Boards’ parameter in your license is calculated per board and not per configured workflow.

Can I have more than 1 option to go to from each status? (decision tree)

Wrokflow App provides now multi selections statuses

What's a recommended best practice setting?

Restrict the status column for editing, this is important as the workflow app main purpose is to dictate a certain process flow, by restricting editing on the status column, board members will have to go through the workflow you set.

Why the authentication is required?

As the app best practice is to restrict editing of the status column just to one user (the authenticator), we keep a key for each board to be able to edit the status values, even if other users don’t have access to update the configured status column. The authenticator can be either replaced or deactivated anytime through the Workflow Configuration view (board view).

Why do I have the option to deactivate my workflow configuration?

During the 21 trial days, you have unlimited access to the application. After this trial, based on your plans, you can handle a limited number of active configured boards. Using the Deactivate functionality, you can control this number.

Is it possible to go a step back in the workflow?

Yes, using a loopback allows you to step backwards as well.

What data from our monday account being saved on your end?

  • None of the account, users(other the authKey), teams, or boards data are being saved on our end or outside of
  • Only the configuration data (selected status column labels, required columns names, and permissions - NOT the actual account data) using the Workflow Configuration is being saved on our end via MongoDB - which is secured and encrypted.
  • All the traffic to the backend is secured with TLS 1.2, HTTPS certificate, and HSTS.
  • All the requests are authenticated and authorized using the session token and the client secret of the application.
  • The auth token of the board owner is being saved securely on our end (after his authorization) in order for the app to be able to change the status column while locked

How do I install and configure the app?

Please visit Workflow App Installation Guide